Creative professional photography for the North West.
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I’m a passionate professional freelance photographer and graphic designer based in the North West, specialising in wedding and portraiture photography, corporate events, promotional videos, web, print design and advertising.

Professional Photography & Video

Let’s face it, most of us can capture a decent photograph or video using a mobile phone, but understanding exposure and all the elements that affect it can be difficult to get our heads around. Most professional photographers use DLSR (Digital single-lens reflex) and mirrorless cameras which offer more control and creative flexibility when coupled with professionally-graded lenses, resulting in images that are difficult to achieve with anything else.

Using the latest equipment can certainly help to capture great images, but ultimately it’s the artistry of the photographer which will set them apart; knowing the correct focal length, ISO and shutter speed for any given situation or desired effect comes after years of practice. This kind of expertise can help photographers be a lot more creative and experimental with light and composition and produces high quality, professional looking images.

About Me

While at design college back in the late 80s I was invited to work at one of the most advanced design studios of its time. Digital Artwork Studios was one of the first design companies to produce computer-aided print-ready artwork. Since then, I’ve been lucky enough to work with some of the best design agencies helping lots of leading companies look their best. In 2011, I decided to become freelance to reconnect with my own creative ideas, learn new skills, discover new technologies and offer my knowledge and expertise to others.

I like to keep things simple and I hope my work speaks for itself without the need for pretentious waffle. So, if you’d like me to be your wedding or civil ceremony photographer, or you need a promotional video or creative services in Merseyside, then please feel free to contact me. I’m a friendly, humble sort of chap and it costs nothing to chat to me. It’ll also be nice to know my site has connected with others and found new friends.


Northwood Together

Date : June 29, 2018
It’s been a real pleasure to work on a video project that showcases the brilliant work of Northwood Together. A National Lottery funded scheme based in my old hometown of Kirkby. It’s a project that’s dear to me as it works to...
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Incandescence 2

Date : January 23, 2018
A slight rework of an audio and visual experiment I created early 2018 using a continuous loop of notes fed through a cheap little radio/cassette player, then resampled added more layers of sound using analog synths. Visual effects using effects on FCPX.
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Matthews & Goodman Liverpool

Date : November 1, 2017
A video for Matthews & Goodman’s who’ve recently celebrated their 150th birthday, as well as opening a new office in Liverpool City Centre’s Exchange Station. Philip Silby of Matthews & Goodman also announced their commitment in sponsoring McMillan Cancer Support for the...
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